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Cheney doesn’t care about us

In an interview with ABC News concerning the Iraq war, Vice President Cheney was told that polls¬† indicate 2/3rds of Americans believe the effort in Iraq is not worth it. Cheney’s response:¬† “So?”

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Why I won’t vote for McCain

From the blog “The Nation:” Seven years later, who is running McCain’s South Carolina campaign? Charlie Condon, the former State Attorney General who in 2000 helped spread the innuendo targeting (McCain’s adopted daughter from Bangladesh) Bridget. If you can’t beat … Continue reading

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She started it all.

Paulina, our Nanday Conure, passed away today. She’s the one that started our love affair with birds. We acquired Paulina after the death of a friend in September of 2001. Our friend’s husband didn’t want to deal with “that noisy … Continue reading

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Finally some facts about “daylight savings time”

Indiana had long been a hold-out on the switch to Daylight Savings Time (DST), an issue which bothered some of Indiana’s residents. They were tired of not being on the same time as their neighbors in other states. Some counties … Continue reading

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