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Winkies woke me up.

I have my clock radio tuned to KCSC 90.1 FM in Oklahoma City.  KCSC is a public radio station that broadcasts classical music, something I find more relaxing to wake up to than the pedantic and/or vulgar banter that passes … Continue reading

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Dodd says it all

With thanks to Firedoglake, I’d like to repost the words of Sen. Chris Dodd that were said the morning of Friday, Oct. 26, 2007: Mr. President, for six years, this President has demonstrated time and time again that he doesn’t … Continue reading

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Cascades, or Why people are like Cows

I’ve never been an “all or nothing” type of person, I believe in compromise and adjustment. However it seems that studies confirm that most people aren’t that way. Most people see every choice as a binary choice, thus creating an … Continue reading

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