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Please do NOT vote for Giuliani!

Thinking of voting for Rudy Giuliani? I ask you to watch this and think long and hard about doing so. We’ve already been subject to one President using our fears to further his own foreign (Iraq War) and domestic (Patriot … Continue reading

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Admin = Vortmax

In case you didn’t know.  Yes, I finally figured out to make my own named account and promote myself to administrator level.   I is a compooter dood! 

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Vista Sucks (still)

This time, it’s not Infoworld, or some other reputable source. This time it’s just little old me. I’ve been working on an ActiveX wrapper for our new plugin software (since IE doesn’t support Netscape-style plug-ins since 5.5 sp2, the buggers).  Up until … Continue reading

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Infoworld: Leopard a hit, Vista a miss

Infoworld has posted two articles:  one is a review of Mac OS X 10.5, otherwise known as Leopard, and the other is a recommendation that businesses avoid Windows Vista. My experience with Leopard, while not as thorough as the review, has … Continue reading

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