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A parting shot to Namron and Ansteorra

I quit. I no longer want to be a part of an organization that promotes those who put a hobby before their real life, rather than those who do the opposite. I’m tired of people who achieve both SCA and … Continue reading

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And the word of the year is…

w00t! Looks like l33t will soon become a true language.

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Vista Sucks (still)

This time, it’s not Infoworld, or some other reputable source. This time it’s just little old me. I’ve been working on an ActiveX wrapper for our new plugin software (since IE doesn’t support Netscape-style plug-ins since 5.5 sp2, the buggers).  Up until … Continue reading

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Infoworld: Leopard a hit, Vista a miss

Infoworld has posted two articles:  one is a review of Mac OS X 10.5, otherwise known as Leopard, and the other is a recommendation that businesses avoid Windows Vista. My experience with Leopard, while not as thorough as the review, has … Continue reading

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Winkies woke me up.

I have my clock radio tuned to KCSC 90.1 FM in Oklahoma City.  KCSC is a public radio station that broadcasts classical music, something I find more relaxing to wake up to than the pedantic and/or vulgar banter that passes … Continue reading

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Dodd says it all

With thanks to Firedoglake, I’d like to repost the words of Sen. Chris Dodd that were said the morning of Friday, Oct. 26, 2007: Mr. President, for six years, this President has demonstrated time and time again that he doesn’t … Continue reading

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Cascades, or Why people are like Cows

I’ve never been an “all or nothing” type of person, I believe in compromise and adjustment. However it seems that studies confirm that most people aren’t that way. Most people see every choice as a binary choice, thus creating an … Continue reading

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The joy (ORLY?) of hot water

I just finished installing a hot water dispenser on our sink. My wife had been wanting one since we moved into the house over three years ago, but we could never find one that was 1) affordable, or 2) in-stock. … Continue reading

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Vista and ActiveX Installation

I’m working on creating a Windows Installer XML package on Vista. So far I’m able to install everything on XP and Vista on my Mac under Parallels. However, the installer fails to register our ActiveX control on a standalone machine … Continue reading

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New domain

Changed the domain, now I have a “real” blogsite. Here’s hoping I can manage this thing.

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