The joy (ORLY?) of hot water

I just finished installing a hot water dispenser on our sink. My wife had been wanting one since we moved into the house over three years ago, but we could never find one that was 1) affordable, or 2) in-stock. Luck finally shined on her when she found one at Lowes for $149. She pulled cash from her work savings account (just about all that was in there), and bought it this past Sunday evening. She thought it would be a quick and easy install. Oh, noooooooo….

So here I sit on Tuesday evening after four trips back and forth to Lowes and Ace Hardware over the past two days, getting the right combination of fittings to split off a line from our hodge-podge hookup under our sink. I’m sore, I’m frustrated, and I’m tired, but by God she has her hot water!

The things we do for our loved ones….

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