Monthly Archives: September 2007

The joy (ORLY?) of hot water

I just finished installing a hot water dispenser on our sink. My wife had been wanting one since we moved into the house over three years ago, but we could never find one that was 1) affordable, or 2) in-stock. … Continue reading

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Vista and ActiveX Installation

I’m working on creating a Windows Installer XML package on Vista. So far I’m able to install everything on XP and Vista on my Mac under Parallels. However, the installer fails to register our ActiveX control on a standalone machine … Continue reading

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New domain

Changed the domain, now I have a “real” blogsite. Here’s hoping I can manage this thing.

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Giving in…

I gave up on iWeb being my blog authoring tool.  It was extremely clunky to upload a new post, as I had to upload the *entire site* if I updated anything.  Not only that, but iWeb was extremely inefficient in … Continue reading

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