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Time: Cookies got Abu Jandal to talk

Link: Abu Jandal’s guards were so intimidated by him, they wore masks to hide their identities and begged visitors not to refer to them by name in his presence. He had no intention of cooperating with the Americans; at their … Continue reading

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Cheney’s self-serving speech

After reading the speech in it’s entirety several times, I have to say it is the quintessential “Yes we did it, and thought it was right” speech.  It is also a perfect example of the black and white thinking that … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a biased poll

I see that Fox News has released a poll, from which they are claiming 71% of respondents want “less government in their lives.”  Considering my distrust of Fox News’ intentions, i felt I should take a look at the actual … Continue reading

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Star Trek

I had been looking for any reason not to like this film.  I read the reviews on RottenTomatoes, especially seeking out the negative ones (Roger Ebert gives it a “meh” with 2.5 stars).  I hate remakes, and this had the … Continue reading

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