Star Trek

I had been looking for any reason not to like this film.  I read the reviews on RottenTomatoes, especially seeking out the negative ones (Roger Ebert gives it a “meh” with 2.5 stars).  I hate remakes, and this had the initial stench of being yet another non-original remake that overdid the special effects.  But having seen every Trek film in the theater, and being able to identify every original series episode in twenty seconds (me and my college roommate competed to see who could name the episode first), I vowed to see it with an open mind.

To say it exceeded my expectations is an understatement, it blew them away completely.  This film is a must-see for both the trekker* and non-trekker.

* – Yes, I use “Trekker” not “Trekkie.”  I’m proud of my nerdiness.

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