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We have an XBox 360 now, and my son has discovered the joys of Halo 3. Unfortunately he’s been enjoying it a bit too much. I’ve had to ban the use of the pseudo-word “pwnd” in our house because he … Continue reading

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Gold farming not only hurts gamers

John Smedly of Sony Online Entertainment, makers of the Everquest series and Star Wars Galaxies, outlines how the gold farming “business” is not only hurting players, but the game companies as well: I think the issue of farming is higher … Continue reading

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Don’t vote for Giuliani: take 2

You think Bush and Cheney are bad about retribution? You think the Valerie Plame scandal was something? Check out some of the crap old Rudy pulled during his tenure as mayor of NYC: After AIDS activists with Housing Works loudly … Continue reading

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What has America become?

A nation recognized for torture?

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Mac vs. PC: It’s not one or the other

The Mac vs. PC “wars” have always both fascinated and frustrated me. How can someone be so vehement about a choice of a tool? It would be like someone advocating a Ryobi rotary saw over a Skil rotary saw: they … Continue reading

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Huckabee needs to remember something

Mike Huckabee wants to get rid of part of the First Amendment of the Constitution: “I believe it is a lot easier to change the Constitution than it is to change the Word of the Living God. And that’s what … Continue reading

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Cascade Averted

I’m happy about last night’s results in New Hampshire. It restores some faith in the voting public that they didn’t migrate to the polls like lemmings and just vote how Iowa voted. I’m even more happy that all the media … Continue reading

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Flu sucks

Yup, I got it. Nope, I didn’t get the flu vaccine. Yup, I’m dumb. I had forgotten how miserable the flu makes a person. Nose running like a faucet, head so stuffed I’m dizzy, body aching, chills. Next year it’s … Continue reading

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A cascade in the making?

Considering the Iowa caucus results, and the mass-media’s never-ending talking-headism over it, wonder if we’ll now see a cascade effect for Obama and Huckabee?

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A clarification on Iowa’s caucus results

Considering the outcome of the Iowa Caucuses (caucusi?), I decided to see how this procedure works. One thing is certain, it’s not just another primary. To put it simply, each precinct has it’s own “caucus,” or mini-convention, for each party. … Continue reading

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