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Geek Fact for Today

2/18/09 = 0.0123456789 Only geeks will appreciate the significance of this.  For you non-geeks who don’t get it, here’s the word-problem version: Divide 2 by 18, then divide that by 9. p.s. – If I could figure out how to … Continue reading

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Holding my breath (Cough, Hack, continued)

The Valley Fever test was negative.  Thus the diagnosis of Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis is the only one left. I’m down to half a pill (5 mg) of Prednisone now.  I’ve gained about 10 pounds.  I want to say it’s all water, … Continue reading

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Emily Litella Journalism

I have a very negative view of journalism nowadays.  However I couldn’t put my finger on why, or express my displeasure in an understandable way.  Today, another person has framed how I feel exactly. Daniel Eran Dilger runs Roughly Drafted, … Continue reading

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