Holding my breath (Cough, Hack, continued)

The Valley Fever test was negative.  Thus the diagnosis of Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis is the only one left.

I’m down to half a pill (5 mg) of Prednisone now.  I’ve gained about 10 pounds.  I want to say it’s all water, but I know better.  I’m out of breath when I climb a flight of stairs, but nowhere near as much as before I saw the doctor.  Am I relapsing, or am I just flat out of shape?  Only one way to determine that:  Get in shape!

I get another CT scan on March 16 and go back to the doctor on March 24th.  My goal is to lose these 10 pounds by then. Five weeks, two pounds a week.  I think it can be done.

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