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Comparing apples to… Apples

One of the forums I frequent is the PackPride Brickyard.   It is occupied by general chatter of politics and life by and for NC State Wolfpack fans. Yesterday, someone posted the following: Reasons to buy Mac vs other laptop are … Continue reading

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Éirinn go brách!

And a Happy St. Patrick’s day to you! On this day the local pub, O’Connel’s, serves green beer en masse to the college throngs.  I, being somewhat of a connoisseur, refuse to partake of the dyed cheap beer.  Instead I … Continue reading

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Remember “Those who cannot learn from history…?”

“What we learn from history is that we do not learn from history.” – Benjamin Disraeli This was quoted in a Barron’s article outlining how some of the blame for the current economic situation falls at the feet of our … Continue reading

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Damn Telemarketers!

I’m getting calls and letters saying my vehicle’s warranty “is about to expire.”  My response:  “NO S__T SHERLOCK! My truck is 10 years old!”  This is obviously a scam to pressure me into buying some expensive and worthless “warranty.” Here’s … Continue reading

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