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Gaming and the “responsible parent”

A friend has recommended I get Grand Theft Auto IV.  They pointed out the rave reviews it’s received, and how the gameplay blows away any other game out there.  I’ve heard about the other titles in the GTA series, so … Continue reading

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Jeremiah Wright

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright has been a controversial figure and a lightning rod for attacks on Barack Obama.  I have only one question: Why? Why should one man’s views be interpreted as the beliefs of another?  Why should one man’s … Continue reading

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When I was a kid, I loved walking everywhere barefoot.  I’d wander my grandfather’s farm, go through the fields and the woods, all barefoot.  Now I find I need at least something on my feet even at home in order … Continue reading

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Just don’t take my word for it…

A friend of mine who I’ve known for almost 13 years recently purchased a Macbook in order to compose music with Logic Pro.  Before purchasing her Macbook, she had been quite enthusiastic about getting the top of the line PC … Continue reading

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“Ponder the Maunder”

That’s the name of a website published by a 16 year-old high school honors student.  This young woman (she’s too smart to simply be called a “girl”) has taken on Global Warming with independent research, and she’s won me over. … Continue reading

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“Your opinion sucks because you don’t agree with me!”

While reading my morning tech news, I stumbled across an article that gave me real enlightenment by providing a reason for the fanaticism I see not only among the Mac and Windows users, but among people in general.  It’s an excerpt from … Continue reading

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Computerworld: Windows is “collapsing”

Anyone who’s had to deal with the “bloatiness” of Microsoft Windows (especially Vista) knows that Windows is massive.  Now two Gartner Group analysts have pronounced the same thing, and that if Microsoft doesn’t change Windows, it will collapse under it’s own weight: … Continue reading

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