“Your opinion sucks because you don’t agree with me!”

While reading my morning tech news, I stumbled across an article that gave me real enlightenment by providing a reason for the fanaticism I see not only among the Mac and Windows users, but among people in general.  It’s an excerpt from the book “True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society.”  Here’s a tidbit that should whet your appetite:

 On issues we’re passionate about, we all tend to think our own views are essentially reasonable, Ross explains. Thus when a reporter, editor, news network, or pundit mentions the other side’s arguments, it stings. 

“If I see the world as all black and you see the world as all white and some person comes along and says it’s partially black and partially white, we both are going to be unhappy,” Ross says. “You think there are more facts and better facts on your side than on the other side. The very act of giving them equal weight seems like bias. Like inappropriate evenhandedness.”

I highly encourage reading the whole excerpt in the article.  I plan on picking up the book. 

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