Just don’t take my word for it…

A friend of mine who I’ve known for almost 13 years recently purchased a Macbook in order to compose music with Logic Pro.  Before purchasing her Macbook, she had been quite enthusiastic about getting the top of the line PC just about every 3-4 years, mainly Dells.  This morning, I see the following on my iChat:

mac is so nice
i plug stuff in and it just works
i bought a preamp and audio interface to plug in xlr microphones and guitars into my mac
and a bunch of mics and stuff
and everything just worked right away
hell i didnt even read instructions
i just plugged stuff in and started recording
Mac >>>> Windows

She’s had the Macbook for about a month.  Her transition had a few bumps, like telling her simply closing an application’s last document window won’t quit the application (you have to actually select “Appname->Quit” from the menu bar), and installing Firefox is as simple as dragging from the installer virtual drive and dropping into the Applications folder (no big, long installer, imagine that).  However, after the basics were understood, she’s taken off.

She’s even asked me about a Mac Pro.

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