Cascade Averted

I’m happy about last night’s results in New Hampshire. It restores some faith in the voting public that they didn’t migrate to the polls like lemmings and just vote how Iowa voted. I’m even more happy that all the media gurus are currently in a state of befuddlement. They don’t have their golden boy (or girl, as the case may be) to predict as the choice that the rest of us should vote for because, by golly, 0.5% of the voters in America say so.

Lou Dobbs says it quite well:

Many of our political savants and pundits took one in the teeth last night. I couldn’t be happier about last night’s surprising results, and not because I favor one candidate or another. I’m just glad the so-called experts in the national media were wrong about their premature assumptions that the Democratic and Republican nominations for president were a done deal.

It appears my concerns about a cascade were misplaced. Good for America!

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