Don’t vote for Giuliani: take 2

You think Bush and Cheney are bad about retribution? You think the Valerie Plame scandal was something? Check out some of the crap old Rudy pulled during his tenure as mayor of NYC:

After AIDS activists with Housing Works loudly challenged the mayor, city officials sabotaged the group’s application for a federal housing grant. A caseworker who spoke of missteps in the death of a child was fired. After unidentified city workers complained of pressure to hand contracts to Giuliani-favored organizations, investigators examined not the charges but the identity of the leakers.

“There were constant loyalty tests: ‘Will you shoot your brother?’ ” said Marilyn Gelber, who served as environmental commissioner under Mr. Giuliani. “People were marked for destruction for disloyal jokes.

If the American voters choose Rudy as our next President, or even if he’s vice-President (see Cheney), civil liberties will be an endangered species.

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