Vista Sucks (still)

This time, it’s not Infoworld, or some other reputable source.

This time it’s just little old me. I’ve been working on an ActiveX wrapper for our new plugin software (since IE doesn’t support Netscape-style plug-ins since 5.5 sp2, the buggers).  Up until last Wednesday, it was working fine.  Then I downloaded an update to Visual Studio.  Now my compiled version of the control works fine on my Parallels XP/IE7 and Vista/IE7, but it crashes on native Vista/IE7.  The assertion looks like it cannot create a new window for the plugin to load into.

OK, so I guess this is more a Visual Studio gripe for breaking their own code (yes, the assertion is in their own codebase, not mine).  Still, can’t MS do anything right? 

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