Poor Sarah

I didn’t like Palin. I thought she was a dumb (six colleges for a journalism degree), narrow-minded, partisan bimbo who was more like George W. with regards to cronyism than anyone wanted to admit.

However, she doesn’t deserve to be torn down in the media like this by her own party. It was these same “advisors” that picked her, and now they should also have to suffer the fallout from that decision. Reap what you sow, fellas. Reap what you sow.

What bothers me most are the Republicans who wanted Palin as President. From Glenn Beck’s radio show yesterday:

I mean, I have to tell you if I heard once, I heard 1,000 times from people, and I never said this, never said this on the air because you just don’t say these things, but I heard a million times from people, “I’m going to vote for John McCain and, you know, I mean, he’s old. Maybe we get Sarah Palin in the first term.” You know what I mean?

Being a registered Republican, people like this in my party scare the crap out of me.

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