The revolution will be tweeted

I have been following the events in Iran fairly closely.  It is truly astonishing the role that technology has played in getting information both out to the world and back to those demonstrating against the election results.  Here’s what I’ve used:

Twitter:  I’ve followed the #iranelection feed, however the signal to noise ratio is extremely low.  Still fascinating to follow the social interactions.

The Lede Blog:  A more filtered look at what’s happening.

The Guardian (UK) blog:  A good compromise between Twitter and Lede.  More signal, less noise.

Huffington Post blog:  A little more raw, and with a liberal twist.  While I don’t favor any political leanings on this issue, this one entry from 1:19 pm Wednesday struck a real chord:

1:19 PM ET — Good news. The medical student in Iran I referenced below finds his young daughter, who had gone missing in the crowds. The tweets are from over the last hour or so:
are parent you know how hard it is to be away from a injured child

but her life is more important than my life and putting her in dange is not what i want if you 
she is very scared now i am sure she hates gunfire and darkness
i just want to hold her again to kiss her forehead be free with her…to see her run free in the park
we students do not chant death to america we want american constitution

ok so i know my daughters safe.. 


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