Losing it

I’ve been on corticosteroids (Prednisone and an inaler-based steroid) for about a year.  I have noticed my weight varying wildly since then, even ballooning up 25 lbs. from what I was when this all started.  I have since lost 12 of those lbs. by using the “Lose it!” iPhone application to keep track of my calorie intake.  I’ve leveled off of late, but that’s my own darn fault for not strictly adhering to my “Lose 2 pounds a week” calorie limit.

One behavior I tried to change long ago was eating late.  I told my wife (who is also trying to lose weight) that we shouldn’t eat after 9:00 p.m.   I find it easier to adhere to this because I can just have a glass of ice water and crunch on the ice to fool my body into thinking I’m “eating” something.  My wife, the sweet-tooth, has found this more difficult.

Now I have ammunition that backs up my point:

At the end of the six week study period, mice in both groups had consumed about the same amount of calories and performed the same amount of exercise. However, the mice who ate when they normally would have been sleeping hours posted an average 48 percent increase in body weight. The mice who ate on a regular schedule had an average increase of 20 percent of body weight. 

So, want that extra handful of M&M’s just before bed?  Wake up late and want a small scoop of ice cream?  Don’t do it!  Your waistline may thank you later.

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