Facebook killed my blog

Ever since I finally learned Facebook, I’ve pretty much forgotten about my blog.  Then again, I’ve pretty much forgotten about writing stuff on Facebook, too.  The bottom line is I’ve had precious little time to share my life with the outside world, and instead chose to share it with those I thought closest to me.  I do so through phone, AIM, and a little Facebook, and I find that’s enough for me.I got into Blogging solely because it was “the thing to do.”  However, 1and1’s implementation of the WordPress blog software isn’t easy to use, especially in Safari (this is a new paragraph, but WordPress doesn’t recognize the line break; and I intentionally didn’t go into the “code” tab to edit it so you can see what happens).  So, Vorticity Advection in this form is unlikely to continue.I’ve since gotten a MobileMe account (actually my wife got a family version), and will probably start blogging there as it’s dirt simple to use iWeb and share via MobileMe.  I’ll post here when/if that goes live.Hasta pasta.

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