“Paid to get eyeballs”

Today’s 24-hour news networks saturate us with information.  That information is often either biased or full of other people’s opinions.  That’s why I don’t watch but a select few shows on the 24-hour “news” networks, and try to get my news from various sources (NPR, Google News, and CNN are my primary information points).

The problem is a large portion of America wants to be “spoon fed” both their news and ideas; from the people who parrot “Obama is a muslim!” (Rev. Wright isn’t a mullah or imam, he’s a pastor of a Christian church) to those that think Iran backs Al-Queda (Iran is Shiite, Al-Queda is Sunni… oil and vinegar, folks).

CNet’s Steve Tobak said it best:

The media isn’t paid to reflect reality, it’s paid to get eyeballs.

Remember that, and take everything those talking heads say with a grain of salt.

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